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The Unsolicited Advice Column

  • Eugenia Peri

A little help during desperate crying.

I guess we've all had to hold an inconsolable crying baby in our arms, especially during the first few months. Maybe at night, after trying everything to calm him down… It can be exhausting. Asking your partner for help is always the best advice, just to try rest and share the burden of staying awake without knowing how to deal with a screaming little one.

Sometimes it's not possible to get the help we'd like, and this is where the first Unsolicited Advice comes from: you can find comfort using earphones or earplugs.

I'm not talking about wearing earplugs to ignore the crying baby, of course. It's about wearing them to muffle the crying that goes straight into your ears just because you're holding the baby in you arms. I promise you that you will continue to hear the baby cry, it will only be a little more tolerable and therefore it will be easier to continue trying to comfort him until you can calm him down.

If you don't feel at ease while wearing them, you can always put them away quickly and it will be as if nothing had happened... it doesn't hurt to try!

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